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The nationally-recognized attorneys with Baron & Budd and Dixon Diab & Chambers, known together as the Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, along with principal attorney Ray Boucher of Boucher LLP, represent the Seminole Springs Mobilehome Park (the “Park”). This experienced legal team in wildfire recovery will assist the Park in its recovery from the damages sustained from the Woolsey Fire.  The lawyers will put together a comprehensive damage summary through a team of experts in various fields and will seek recovery of those damages from Southern California Edison and any other suspected responsible parties.  In representing the Park, the lawyers are only seeking damages sustained by the Park and not by homeowners.  Additionally, and because this is not a class action lawsuit, homeowners will need to file their own lawsuits to preserve their rights.

Legal Recourse

Many people realized that government assistance or insurance proceeds will only go so far in helping pick up the pieces from the devastating Woolsey Fire and chose to take legal action against Southern California Edison. Plaintiffs in potential lawsuits may be able to sue for several different types of damages, including displacement, lost wages, loss of property, landscaping damages, erosion damages, emotional distress and a number of other types of damages that are not covered by insurance or government assistance programs.

If you suffered structural damage to your home, emotional distress, loss of cherished possessions, have evacuation expenses or need help with your own insurance company or FEMA, we can represent you as well. Call us for a free consultation.  There is no obligation, and our attorneys are not paid unless they recover money for you.  All of our clients will have FREE access to an experienced insurance adjusting consultant that can help you with your insurance claims.  Our lawyers also take no fees on any insurance proceeds you recover, even if they assist you in obtaining more than you originally were expecting. 

Experience that matters

The lawyers and staff with Wildfire Recovery Attorneys have extensive experience in representing California families, businesses and public entities who have suffered losses in previous wildfires across California.  These wildfires are personal to the attorneys and staff of Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, as many of them grew up or lived in the affected counties and have friends and family directly impacted by the fires.

Wildfire Recovery Attorneys are not just fighting in the courts for their clients, but also at the State Capitol, rebuffing efforts by the utility companies, large and profitable corporations, which are actively trying to take away the rights of fire and mudslide victims.

The Wildfire Recovery Attorneys are experienced in fire and environmental disasters. They have recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients in 2015 Butte Fire against PG&E. They have also been appointed by the court as the lead in the 2017 North Bay Fires against PG&E and in the 2017 Thomas Fire & Mudslides against Southern California Edison. They represent all of the Public Entities in all 2017 California Wildfire litigation.

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